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    Our average production

    65% Albacore / Tombo

    8% Big Eye Tuna

    8% Yellow Fin Tuna

    5% Ono / Wahoo

    5% Mahi Mahi

    3% Opah / Moonfish

    3% Swordfish

    3% Striped / Blue Marlin


    Yann Ching

    Executive Officer

    Kevin Ching

    Sales Manager

    +689 87 719 799


    Francis Ching


  • Our Fishermen

    History, culture, passion and future of fishing in Polynesia by our fishermen ambassadors.

    Can you introduce yourself in a few words? My name is NATUA Roland, I am the captain of Vin Vini X. I am 50 years old and I am from Tikehau. I came to Tahiti for my high school studies. I joined Pacific Tuna (Vini Vini) in 1998, until 2007 then I took a year off before coming back to the company...
    Can you introduce yourself in a few words ? My name is TEHAHE Tauraa, I'm 56 years old and I'm the Captain of the fishing vessel Vini Vini IX. How many are you in the crew ? We are a crew of 3 fishermen, plus me the Captain. How is the cohabitation going ? Isn't it too hard at sea ? Oh no !...
  • Pacific Tuna Tahiti has a strong international market





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    +689 40 506 920








    Fishing port, Papeete, Tahiti


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